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…the 5800ES's audio and video performance, it definitely hits a home run.

(Andrew Robinson, Home Theater Review, January 2013)

“While there may be more inside the 5800ES than any user will most likely ever employ, its feature set does carry with it some relief that your $2,000 investment in a receiver such as the 5800ES isn't going to be outdated any time soon.” Read More

Best user interface on the market.

(Cliff Heyne, Audioholics, January 2013)

“The Sony STR-DA2800ES is a receiver that truly stands apart from the competition, and in a good way.” Read More

Simply jaw dropping

(Tom Norton, Home Theater Review, December 2011)

“Given a good 1920 x 1080 HD source, the projector produced some of the best 2D images I’ve yet seen…To see such resolution from conventional HD material on a screen this large is simply jaw dropping.” Read More

The best 2-D Blu-ray images I’ve ever seen

(Doug Blackburn, Wide Screen Review, February 2012)

“Sony’s VPL-VW1000ES projector prototype produced the best 2-D Blu-ray images I’ve ever seen anywhere on any home theatre projection system.” Read More

It struck me immediately

(Greg Rogers, ChromaPure)

“But what was most appealing to me was the color performance, which offered deep, rich, and vibrant colors without a hint of oversaturation. I frankly haven't a clue what the Sony is doing to produce this effect, but it struck me immediately.” Read More

A projector I could live with for years

(Art Fieierman,

“Best overall picture ever to grace my current, or previous home theater. Excellent color, superb detail, great black level performance, and respectable, though not great black level performance. Hard to expect more. This is a projector I could live with for years, especially since it's also pretty bright, and also does great 3D quality!” Read More

Rather glorious

(Art Feierman,, December 2011)

“The 3D performance on the VW95ES has been rather glorious…. I don't know if it's new panels in the 95ES or some other reason, but Sony's blacks are better than ever.”Read More

Spectacular, breathtaking, and exceptionally film-like

(Kris Deering, Home Theater Review, January 2012)

“…the Sony delivered it with some of the most spectacular, breathtaking, and exceptionally film-like HD images I’ve ever seen. The color rendition was outstanding and the depth afforded by the VPL-VW95ES, even on this 2D release, was incredible. This was an image that was easy to get lost in.” Read More

One terrific projector

(Chris Eberle, Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity)

“HW30 is one terrific projector. And don’t forget the three-year warranty and ES-level service. You won’t find this in any other projector at this price point.” Read More

It’s fantastic

(Geoffrey Morrison, Sound and Vision Magazine, November 2011)

“Even without taking price into consideration, it’s a great projector. And when you do take price into consideration, it’s fantastic.” Read More

No ghosts

(Thomas J. Norton, Home Theater Review, November 2011)

“Most important, I saw no ghosts on the 3D discs I watched—including discs that have ghosted consistently on many displays.” Read More

It excels with both 2D and 3D

(Adrienne Maxwell,

“The VPL-30HWAES's greatest asset may be its flexibility - it can be a great companion to screens of many sizes and types, it's well suited to both film and HDTV content, and it excels with both 2D and 3D.”

…as real as anything I’ve ever heard through a loudspeaker.

(Steven Stone, The Absolute Sound, January 2011)

“Sony’s new $27k/pr SS-AR1 gets my vote. Source and control components from EMM Labs, a pair of Pass Labs X330.5 power amps, and Kimber select cabling all worked together to make Ray Kimber’s recordings sound as real as anything I’ve ever heard through a loudspeaker.” Read More

Something I hadn’t heard before

(Kalman Rubinson, Stereophile, July 2011)

“The epitome of the SS-AR1’s quality was that, in the midst of all the orchestral tumult, I could hear the conductor clear his voice at about 2:40 into the ballet, something I hadn’t heard before from this familiar recording.” Read More

Absolute musical magic

(Robert E. Greene, The Absolute Sound, Issue 214)

“… there were many moments of absolute musical magic with the Sony AR1s, far more than with most speakers. One could be truly transported. There were indeed moments when it seemed that I was giving up less of the concert experience than with almost any other speaker. One can hardly ask for more than that.”Read More

Almost textbook design

(John Atkinson, Stereophile, July 2011)

“The Sony SS-AR1’s measured performance indicates almost textbook design, and that beautifully constructed enclosure is as acoustically effective as it is drop-dead gorgeous to look at.” Read More

Game Changer.

(Steven Stone, The Absolute Sound, February 2014)

“As the flagship model for its “High Resolution Audio Initiative,” the new Sony HAP-Z1ES defines what Sony sees as the future of two-channel audio.”Read More