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DSX-S100 Digital Media Receiver


The 2-line fluorescent LCD display makes it easy to read song information and the front auxiliary input lets you connect almost any portable audio device to your car's sound system.

Features Specifications

Flip-down Face with Front Aux In The 2-line fluorescent LCD display makes it easy to read song information and the front auxiliary input lets you connect almost any portable audio device to your car's sound system.

Integrated Tune Tray Tune Tray compartment lets you easily connect your iPod , Walkman player or other USB device via USB 1-Wire . Your iPod and connector are secured inside the receiver, and the reminder alert ensures you don’t leave your device behind.

Quick-BrowZer with Jump Mode feature Search and select songs by category, including artist, album, genre, or playlist. Jump Mode allows you to fast forward through a music category in 10 percent increments.

ZAPPIN function Use ZAPPIN function to play 6, 9, or 30-second music clips until you find the song you want.

MP3/WMA playback with DM+ Hear the music on your recorded files in their original vibrancy with DM+ (Digital Music Plus), an original Sony codec enhancer that reproduces detailed and high-frequency sound from compressed audio.

Satellite Radio / HD Radio ready The DSX-S100 integrates seamlessly with Satellite Radio and HD Radio Sony Bus adaptors so you can receive digital satellite radio or HD Radio broadcasts.

EQ3, DSO and 52 Watts x 4 High Power The DSX-S100 delivers 52 watts of peak power to all four speakers while DSO and EQ3 stage 2 lets you adjust the mix for a dynamic sound experience.

Selectable Pre-outs with LPF/HPF

Radio Data System

Convenience Features
  • On-Screen Clock
  • Dimmer Adjust
  • Key Illumination
  • 12H
  • Slectable Auto adjust or manual on/off
  • Blue
  • Color
  • Dark Titanium
  • Preout Impedance
  • Preout Voltage
  • S/N Ratio
  • Station Preset(s)
  • Digital-to-Analog Converter
  • Tuner Frequency Range
  • Tuner Type
  • Band
  • Equalizer
  • 220 ohms
  • 2 volt
  • Audio Power: CEA2006 S/N 80 dBA
  • 18 FM / 12 AM
  • 24bit
  • FM:Tuner Frequency Range(MHz): 87.5-107.9
    AM:Tuner Frequency Range(kHz): 530-1710
  • SSIR-EXA with RDS
  • Tel/Nav Attenuation
  • AM / FM
  • MP3/WMA/AAC files1
  • 3 band EQ
    Low +/- 10 dB at 60 Hz
    Mid +/- 10 dB at 1 kHz
    High +/- 10dB at 10 kHz
  • Tilt Range
  • 0-45° mounting angle
  • Technology
  • Display Color
  • Text Displayed
  • Text Lines
  • LCD
  • Black color / Negative
  • Source, artist, track, playback time, menu and clock
  • 2 lines of information
Amplifier Section
  • Speaker Impedance
  • Max power output
  • 4-8 Ohms
  • 52 watts x 4 at 4 ohms
  • FM Usable Sensitivity
  • Selectivity
  • S/N Ratio
  • Frequency Response
  • Stereo Separation
  • 10 dBf
  • 75 dB at 400 kHz
  • 70 dB (mono)
  • FM: 20-15,000 Hz
  • 40 dB at 1 KHz
  • Output Power
  • Current Drain
  • Input Voltage
  • 52W x4 Watts Max Power - CEA2006 Standard Power Output: 17 Watts RMS per channel into 4 Ohms, 4 channels driven from 20 Hz to 20 kHz with less than 1% THD+N.
  • 3 - 5 amps
  • 12 V DC car battery (negative ground)
Inputs and Outputs
  • RCA Audio Output(s)
  • Digital Audio Input(s)
  • USB Port(s)
  • Antenna Terminal(s)
  • 12V Trigger Output(s)
  • Remote Jack
  • Audio In
  • Infrared Port
  • Front and Rear/Sub selectable RCA pre-amp outputs
  • Ability to use all forms of USB devices may vary as not all devices are compatible. This unit can be connected to the following iPods. Update your iPod to the latest software before you use it.
    iPod Nano 1st generation*
    iPod Nano 2nd generation (aluminum)
    iPod Nano 3rd generation (video)
    iPod 5th generation (video)*
    iPod Classic
    iPod Touch
    This unit is compliant with MSC (Mass Storage Class) and MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) type USB devices compliant with the USB standard.
    This unit cannot recognize USB devices via a USB hub.
    If you have any questions or problems concerning your unit that are not covered in the owners manual, consult your nearest Sony dealer.
  • USB - Full Speed
  • AM/FM Antenna Input Terminal
  • Power antenna
    Amplifier turn on
  • Optional wired remote terminal
  • Front Aux with variable level: -8dB ∼ +18dB
    USB input
    Sony Bus terminals
  • Wireless remote input
  • Weight
  • Measurements:
  • 1.3 kg (2 lb. 14 oz.)
  • 178 x 50 x 179mm
Supplied Accessories
  • Parts for installation and connections (1 set)
  • RM-X151 wireless remote
  • XA-50IP USB connector for iPod
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