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Culture of Convenience

It's the little things in life. Simple yet powerful features such as App Remote, MirrorLink, Bluetooth®, Pandora® internet radio, and USB compatibility make your listening experience second to none.

Easily Access Smartphone Apps

The exclusive App Remote feature combines music and select smartphone apps into a single source list that can be safely displayed and controlled directly from your receiver. App content is displayed on your smartphone while audio content plays through your speakers. App Remote can also read incoming Android text messages aloud through your speakers.

Seamlessly Connect Smartphones

MirrorLink technology offers seamless connectivity between smart phones and select Sony receivers. The technology is extremely simple to use: approved applications, content and controls are mirrored from the smartphone onto the receiver.

Integrated Bluetooth® Technology

Easily take calls and stream audio with select Sony receivers featuring Bluetooth® technology. Connect to compatible devices and choose between hands free phone access, phonebook access, Pandora® internet radio control or audio streaming. Display icons light up to indicate incoming text messages, signal strength and battery level of your connected smartphone.

Superior Pandora Connectivity

Pandora® is the leading internet radio service, giving people music they love anytime, anywhere, through personalized radio stations. Select Sony receivers provide complete access to your Pandora account using your iPhone®, Android or Blackberry® smartphones.

USB Versatility

Connect, control and charge your Walkman®, iPod®2, iPhone®2 or other compatible USB device while accessing your digital music files using the dual rear mounted USB input cables. You can also view metadata like song title and artist on the front display.

Easily upgrade firmware. Use a PC to download updates from Sony® support to a flash drive and load them on your receiver via the USB input.

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