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Download apps to your camera

Personalize your camera by adding new features of your choice. PlayMemories Camera Apps can make your camera easier to use, help refine your photos and take you in new creative directions.

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Find apps to fit your shooting style

Find apps to fit your shooting style

For portraits, detailed close-ups, sports and more. There’s an app to help you capture the perfect shot.

Easily add professional image effects

Easily add professional image effects

Discover tools to help you create stunning artistic images and retouch your photos with professional looking results.

Shoot, share and save photos using Wi-Fi

Shoot, share and save photos using Wi-Fi®

Apps make it easy to control and view your camera from smartphone, or Apps to post photos directly to Facebook® or backup images to the cloud without connecting to a computer*.

Shop for apps right on your camera

Shop for apps right on your camera

All you need is a Wi-Fi connection to access and browse through a growing collection of apps that instantly upgrade your camera.

* Requires an active 802.11 Wi-Fi network (802.11n recommended) or PlayMemories Mobile app installed on compatible Android or iOS device.

Picture Effect+ App

Add more creativity to your camera

Expand your camera’s capabilities and your imagination with six new Picture Effects in one app.

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Before Partial Color+


After Partial Color+

Partial Color+

Converts your images to a black and white and lets you select one or two highlight colors that virtually burst off your photos as eye-catching accents.

Direct Upload App

Share photos directly.

Use Wi-Fi to instantly upload photos and video to media sharing sites and Facebook without a computer.

Wi-Fi upload from camera

Wi-Fi upload from camera

Smart Remote Control App

Control your camera with your smartphone

No more rushing to get into your own shots. Just use your smartphone as remote viewfinder and shutter release. You can even use it to adjust the exposure and see your new photos.

Photo Retouch App

Enhance every photo you take

Fine-tune your images with a powerful app that lets you retouch photos on your camera’s screen while saving the originals.

Image Framing

Image Framing

Automatically frames images and gives you several options including Portrait Framing with face detection.

Brightness Controls

Brightness Controls

Lets you control the brightness level of photos
before or after taking the shot.

Saturation Controls

Saturation Controls

Lets you set the color intensity using Live View
before shooting or while editing afterwards.

Contrast Controls

Contrast Controls

Allows you to select the color contrast of images
before or after shooting.

Horizontal Adjustment

Horizontal Adjustment

Lets you adjust horizontal alignment of your
photos after shooting.

Soft Skin Effect

Soft Skin Effect

Gives you the ability to soften selected faces in
your photos after shooting.

Image Resize

Image Resize

Makes it easy for you to resize any
image after shooting.

Bracket Pro App

Choose your best shots

Take your creativity beyond simple Exposure Bracketing with Bracket Pro!

Shutter Speed

Takes three photos at different shutter speeds to create motion or to freeze subjects.

15.0 sec.

Long Exposure

0.8 sec.

Medium Exposure

1/4 sec.

Short Exposure



Automatically generates captivating time-lapse movies by shooting a series of still images at intervals and combining them into one dramatic video.


Cinematic Photo

Creates enchanting video photographs that allow you highlight a portion of the image by setting it in motion while the rest of the composition remains still.

Getting started is easy

All you need is access to Wi-Fi or a USB connection to a computer with internet access.

Choose your connection type:

Wi-Fi USB Shop Wi-Fi Cameras
Camera Apps Available
Connects to your
Wi-Fi network
Directly upload photos to share instantly

Step 01

Connect your camera to an available WI-FI network.

Step 02

Locate the "PlayMemories Camera Apps" from the applications screen on your camera.

Step 03

Choose an app and download the app to your camera and begin having fun.

Downloading / Installing Application
PlayMemories camera app requires download with existing Sony Entertainment Network account.
Download available in all countries/areas where Sony Entertainment Network is available.
Content is subject to change and may require fees.