Display Technology

Sony's proprietary TRILUMINOS™, X-Reality™ PRO and 4K technologies produce images with amazing vibrancy and precision.

Sony 4K Ultra HD


Sony 4K Ultra HD technology enhances every image, regardless of its original resolution, to bring out every spectacular detail with four times the resolution of regular HD.


Sony's latest processing engine refines images by enriching colors and boosting contrast. This enhances your favorite HD content like Blu-ray™ discs, broadcast TV and web videos to super-clear 4K quality.


The X-Reality PRO Picture Engine brings images to life with enhanced 4K detail, color and contrast. Discover the stunning difference it can make.

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When viewing low-resolution movie clips, the X-Reality Picture Engine restores missing detail to deliver beautiful high-resolution results.

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X-Reality’s Super Resolution technology also makes images look more realistic whether you're capturing faces, flowers or landscapes.

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TRILUMINOS™Display technology expands the range of colors you see beyond the "gamut" of ordinary displays. The result is more vivid reds and natural-looking greens and blues than on conventional, white LED monitors.

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