Sound Technology

From WALKMAN® to high-end audio equipment, Sony’s sound technology and innovation continues to define—and redefine—the listening experience.


Sony's full-digital amplifier preserves the original signal, resulting in sound that is exceptionally rich and faithful.


S-Master amplifies digital signals without D/A conversion, thus maintaining the purity of original signals for highly faithful reproduction.

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Because of its extraordinary energy efficiency (approx. 85%), S-Master produces much less heat than analog amplifiers, enabling large output with a small heat sink.


ClearAudio+ mode instantly enhances your listening experience, even on mobile devices, all with a single touch.

ClearAudio+ mode

ClearAudio+™ mode

Sony’s sound expertise frees you from the tedious audio equalizer fine-tuning. Simply activate ClearAudio+ mode to automatically optimize the balance of frequencies with one touch.

Magnetic Fluid Speaker

Say goodbye to traditional speaker dampers and say hello to stunningly clear and powerful sound.

Magnetic Fluid Speaker

Approx. 30% less noise and distortion than conventional speakers.

Sony created the world's first damper-free, full-range speakers. The result: Clearer, more powerful sound with less vibration, noise and distortion — perfect for today’s music.

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