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Corporate Career Areas | Service & Tech Support

Service and Technical Support

Our service and technical support teams are involved in everything. From troubleshooting VAIO® notebooks to identifying customer trends that directly affect our products, they touch every aspect and function of our business. Most importantly, they are customer advocates. Whether they are working directly with our consumers gathering feedback or within Sony Electronics itself to build customer support programs, they are true customer champions. They use their consumer knowledge to collaborate with our design, engineering and planning teams to make sure our products are the most innovative and durable products on the market. Combine their vast technical knowledge with their ease with consumers and they can easily repair any problem.

If you know how consumers think, share your knowledge with us and join our team.

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Specialties within our Service and Technical Support groups:

  • Field Service Engineering
  • Customer Service
  • Remote Diagnostics
  • Technical Documentation
  • Service Repair
  • Technical Training
  • Call Center Operations



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